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And we’re off!

Doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since we booked our flights but the day has come to head off and take on the world.. We had a week full of family visits, meals out and emotional goodbyes, but it took saying goodbye to Colin the puppy to crack me and bring out the tears, and once they’d started they didn’t stop…all the way to the airport! Going to miss that little furry face! Check in went smoothly, a drink in the airport bar to calm my nerves (I will be stuck with Rob for the next year) and onto the plane we went. The flights were proper belting as well, we’d already got our boots meal deal in anticipation of a buy-it-yourself sort of flight but how wrong we were! Lunch and tea with ice cream for an afternoon snack, oh and complimentary drinks, baileys for me, whiskey for Rod, thank you very much delta! Landed at JFK ahead of schedule which is a good job considering it takes about 3 hours to walk through the airport to border control, we were both allowed in despite sneaking illegal boots sandwiches into the country which security weren’t too impressed about. And then we took the train all the way to Manhattan and found our hotel all by ourselves, so far so good! New York here we come!



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