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New York, New York!

New York is definitely a far cry from the rolling hills of the Lake District, everything is busy and HUGE, you just have to look up and you feel dizzy. New York is not a cheap place so we stayed in the ‘Budget Hostel’ (yep real name) it was in a great location so having to share a bunk bed is a small price to pay. Rob’s friends had travelled down from Boston and were staying in the same place so we headed straight to a rooftop bar to celebrate our arrival! Warm red dressing gowns were provided and we had a view of the empire state building, not a bad!


We managed to tick off most things on the New York bucketlist with Max and Debs, we went down to Statten Island to see the Statue of Liberty, checked out Wall Street and Times Square and went to visit the Ground Zero site. The memorials are quite spectacular, as is the One World Trade Centre they’ve built next to the site, definitely worth seeing. Once we were all cultured out we took the long walk back up to mid Manhattan to find ourselves a good ol’ pub, a few drinks later and it was time for Debs and Max to head home to Boston. The Monday was my favourite day because it was long run day! I’d already planned our 20 mile tour of NYC which had to be tweaked slightly by Dad because apparently the Bronx isn’t the best place to run through… We started out running along the East river which was a refreshing change from walking through the city, no roads to cross! And lots of other runners, which by the way are definitely not as friendly as English runners! We must have ran past 100 other people and not a single person cracked a smile or said morning back to us, and believe me Rob tried his best to greet every runner! We ran down to lower Manhattan and crossed the Manhattan bridge, via the cycle pathway (oops), which got us a mile of dirty looks from every cyclist in Brooklyn and plenty of people telling us we were on the wrong bridge, oh well, the signs weren’t clear, honest! We took the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan which was much more pleasant, cyclist runners and walkers all allowed on the same path! Then we followed the Hudson River back up, all the chilled out New Yorkers must flock to the rivers, there was people skating, doing yoga and walking dogs, so different from in the centre! Rob Was flagging by the time we got to Central Park, but nothing a slice of cake can’t fix, we had a little coffee break at the entrance and then set off to explore. Central Park is even better than the movies, you can look across the big open fields and forget you’re in the city, until you reach the edges and see sky scrapers lined up along the outskirts. There’s so many different routes through the park so we only saw a fraction of what the park had to offer, we did the 6 mile loop round and then called it a day, time for a well deserved bagel. Spent the rest of the day checking out the library, the train station (its big, like really big) and some more big buildings. Then we sat in Times Square to take it all in, both of us were shattered by this time so we grabbed some street food and headed home, in bed by 10 again! We had one last stroll around the next morning and then off we went to catch our mega bus, we’re heading to the capitol to meet Mr Obama. New York is something else, glad I’ve been but not sure I’d rush back, I just can’t deal with everyone’s need to constantly use their car horn!



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