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Washington DC

Five dollars can get you a long way in America, all the way down to Washington DC in fact. The hotel we had originally booked for Washington had cancelled late on so we ended up using airbnb and arranged to stay with a bloke called Charles.. We arrived at a slightly run down looking building with no bell or buzzer, no answer when we knocked either and no answer on the phone, ah, could have made a mistake here…but alas out comes Charles, he shows us round his flat (it didn’t take long) and then he left us to it. A very modest 2 bedroom flat, he went to his room and we didn’t see him again for the rest of the stay, an odd but convenient set up! We found an Aldi in Washington, an Aldi!! So that was our night sorted! We only really had one day in Washington so we had to fit a lot in, we got an early start and ran over to the Pentagon, checked out the 9-11 memorial there and then walked up to Arlington National Cemetery, honestly such a moving place, the Americans really do take care of their military, there was actually a funeral procession going on as we were there, a full marching band led the parade followed by a horse drawn cart carrying a coffin draped in the American flag, it was really quite something.


On a lighter note Rod tried to fill up his water bottle and almost flooded the cemetery! Instead of using the water fountain like a normal person he used some fire hydrant thing which would not turn off for love nor money once it was on! Drew quite a crowd before he managed to switch it off, we left quite quickly after that!


We had our Aldi butties on the National Mall in front of Lincoln, there is absolutely no expense spared when it comes to the memorials on the Mall, everything is so grand! We saw the Martin Luther King and the Roosevelt memorials and then went to see what all the fuss about the White House was about, not a lot apparently, you can just about get a glimpse through the gates, it’s got nothing on our Queenie’s spot. We headed back to the Mall then to check out the selection of museums that Washington has to offer, they’re all free as well, belting! We learnt about America’s fight for Independance in the National Museum of American History, saw the Bill of Rights and then got our geek on in the Museum of Air and Space. Quite a busy day! I absolutely loved Washington, there’s so much green space and everyone was either running or walking dogs! Imagine running past the White House every day on your morning run! Rob didn’t quite share the same enthusiasm and refused to run after the first 6 miles, at least he tried eh. That was pretty much all we’ve had time for in Washington, got an early train and plane to take us to Chicago tomorrow so yet another early night, god we’re boring!



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