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Road Trippin’ – to Phoenix – 357 miles

We went to the airport to pick up our 3 door chevrolet spark but the woman working there talked us into upgrading to a 4×4, we’re a sucker for a good upgrade! Got ourselves a nice looking Toyota RAV4 and we headed off to Phoenix. It was a 5 hour drive so we shared the load, I stipulated that I would only drive on straight roads though, not messing about with this wrong side of the road business in the city! We stopped off at Walmart to collect our tent I’d ordered in for us but turns out I’d got the dates wrong and it wasn’t due in till next week, oops. We scoured the shop and fortunately they had a small selection in, Walmart seems to have everything, we got the cheapest one and an airbed because I’m not sleeping on any Valley floors!


We passed over into Arizona and the landscape is just filled with cacti. A few hours later we were in Phoenix, we were on the outskirts to save money so there wasn’t much around us, we went for a little wander but only got as far as Pizza Hut where we had to test out the Americans cookie dough, not as good unfortunately. The next morning we took a hike up Camelback Mountain, it was more of a crawl up and over boulders and man it was hot, 31 degrees of hot, we made it though and the view was worth the effort. A productive morning in Phoenix but time to head up north to get a bit closer to the Grand Canyon.



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