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Road Trippin’ – Flagstaff – 507 miles

It was a lovely drive to Flagstaff, we detoured by Sedona which was surrounded by huge red mountains, I swear you can’t drive down any road in America without seeing huge mountain ranges! Flagstaff is part of the old route 66 and our motel was still clinging on to this fact, we’d got one of the cheapest places because it was only an overnight stop, I sort of wished we’d paid an extra $10. When we went to our room the door was already open, two dogs ran out of our room, followed by a woman in a full tracksuit who was supposedly the cleaner, it’s not ready she said, I guess we’ll just wait then… When we did get into our room it looked like something from a bad 40s movie, the carpet was stained, the towels had all kind of suspect marks on them and the light was being held together by tin foil, belting.


We didn’t want to stay in the room longer than we had to, we’d heard on the radio that Bernie Sanders was coming to town for a presidential rally so we thought we’d go see what all the fuss was about. We’d failed to realise that even though we’d only drove a couple of hours from Phoenix that the climate would be very different, Flagstaff has an elevation of about 6,500ft which makes it pretty cool. We were still rocking sandals and shorts whilst everyone else was in winter coats with hats and Scarves. Oh my we were cold at the outdoor rally, I thought my toes might drop off! The atmosphere was class though, there was a huge stage where they had a band playing and a few thousand people shouting ‘Feel the Bern, feel the Bern’. Come on Bernie you can do it!
We left the hotel as early as possible the next day, the sleep had hardly been peaceful, car doors slamming and people shouting for most the night, but hey, at least we were alive and leaving with all our belongings!



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