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Road Trippin’ – Grand Canyon – 594 miles

On the drive to the Grand Canyon I was on inflating the airbed duties whilst Rob took the wheel. It was rather cramped with me and a full size airbed in the boot but we managed. We found our campsite in a wooded area, no sign of the Canyon yet but the campsite looked nice, we had a big plot with a bench and a fire pit. The tent didn’t look like it would keep us very warm, it seemed to have a lot of ventilation but we were stuck with it now! Thought we best check out what this Grand Canyon fuss was all about so we went for a run to the rim, it was one of those ‘oh wow’ moments when you finally see it, that is a really grand Canyon! It didn’t even look real, so huge! Running along the rim must be the most scenic run in the world, it was awesome and as soon as you’re about 5 minutes from one of the main points you’ve got the Canyon to yourself, pretty cool. We met an Ozzie couple whilst we were exploring, who have a 6,000 acre farm over there, we’ll definitely be checking them out when we get there! In the evening we got a fire going and chucked some tins of beans on, started to think we were getting good at this camping business! We’d had a trial run at home which resulted in us sneaking back in the house at 11 because I thought I might freeze to death, but this time I thought we’d cracked it. The temperature was forecast for -7 during the night which is rather cold when your tent seems to be made predominantly from net and your sleeping bag is only comfortable from 15 degrees and up. We’d layered up but it was so so cold, by 12 we were both still wide awake and freezing so we gave in, put the seats down and climbed into the boot to sleep with the bags. Looks like we haven’t mastered camping afterall!

The next day we took a hike down into the Canyon, you get a feel for the size of it once you’re inside, it is enormous, it’s a lovely walk down into the Canyon but a tough old climb out of it, we did 6 miles but all the way to the Canyon floor and back out is about 17 miles. We rode the bus round to all the best view points after that and then made it back in time to watch the sunset. We’d decided we weren’t even going to attempt to camp that night, the airbed was squeezed into the boot (good job we upgraded to the 4×4!) and the heating was on and we slept much better! The cold had snuck back in by morning so we were up early enough to watch the sunrise and then packed up ready to win big in Vegas!


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