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Road Trippin’ – Las Vegas – 896 miles

Took a little detour via route 66 on the way to Vegas, 100 miles of it in fact, there wasn’t all that much to see, lots of little isolated villages but not a single big route 66 sign for us to get our picture with! Vegas on a budget doesn’t allow for the big fancy hotels so we checked into our Travelodge that looked older than Vegas itself and then went to explore. Vegas is just something else, the hotels are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, we walked into one hotel and it took us about an hour to get back out, the Venetian actually had a canal running through it, with gondola rides going on! The casinos are just insane too, every hotel has a massive one and they all seem busy. There’s some big money rolling about here. We managed to make $10s last long enough to get two free drinks in the MGM grand though, not bad at all. Once we’d seen the rest of the fancy hotels we headed to Circus Circus, one of the older hotels but it happened to be right next to our Travelodge. We made use of the beer pong table and I kicked Rob’s butt, then a German bloke called Kimmi brought a pitcher to the table and joined us, we had a few games (I remain unbeaten) and then Kimmi said he’d teach us how to gamble. No more slot machines for us, we headed to the blackjack tables where the big boys play. We’ve been pretty good with money so we put $20 down and Kimmi and Rob took to the table (I was happy to spectate). Turns out you can make 20 last a long time at a Blackjack table, long enough for us both to play and get plenty of free drinks. After an hour or so we’d managed to get our 20 up to $35, belting! We were chuffed with that so we called it a night at 1am, the casino was still ram packed, those people are gonna go all night!


The next morning we went to the Little White Chapel (not to get married, sorry Rob) to see where Mum and Jonny got married 10 years ago, it was cool, a nice church and Elvis greeted us as we walked in, only in Vegas eh. Back to the hotel after that for our helicopter ride (Christmas present, thanks Mum!), we were picked up and taken to Boulder City airport. Me and Rob got to ride shotgun in the helicopter so we had a belter of a view as we flow over the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade, it only took us 20 minutes to get to the Grand Canyon, it’d taken 4 hours for us to drive!! We landed alongside to Colarado River on the Canyon floor, a mix of the helicopter ride and last night’s beer had left me feeling a little uneasy but Scott the pilot had brought us a picnic! And champagne…I let Rob have mine! We had a bit of time to check out the surroundings then off we went.


Back in Vegas we headed to downtown or the original Vegas as it’s known, I prefered it to the new Vegas! Everything is based around Fremont Street which is completely covered by an LCD canopy that plays a light show every hour, it was awesome. There’s loads of street performers everywhere and a few stages along the street playing music. Oh and there’s a zip wire that shoots over the whole street! For tea we headed to a place called ‘The Heart Attack Grill’ which prides itself on being Guinness record holders for being the World’s most unhealthy restaurant. They have scales outside the front and anyone who ways over 350lbs gets to eat free! Inside is set up as a hospital, all the customers wear surgical gowns and the waitresses are dressed as nurses. The food was ridiculous, I ordered a single burger and that was a task, but Rob being Rob went for the ‘triple bypass burger’, 3 tiers of burger, chilli and 15 rashers of bacon! They don’t like you wasting food in this place so anyone who doesn’t finish their food gets spanked with a wooden paddle in front of the whole restaurant. Despite his best efforts Rob couldn’t finish it and had to take his spanking off one of the nurses, everyone in the restaurant cheers along, it was hilarious, maybe not for Rob, but for everyone else it was brill!
That was Vegas done, definitely would go back with more time and more dollars to spare though! Think I might have to drive us to Death Valley, Rob’s butt is sore.


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