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Road Trippin’ – Yosemite – 1567 miles

Fuel is expensive in Death Valley so we tried to hold off for as long as possible, the roads out of the valley are also long and empty and therefore not a good place to run out of fuel! We had a very nervous 50 miles in the middle of nowhere where the fuel light seemed to be on forever but we just about rolled it into civilisation in time. That’ll teach us to be tight on fuel! The further out of Death Valley we got the less beige and dusty the surroundings got, they turned in to big green rolling hills, it was like being back in the Lakes! The drive was too far to do in one night so we had a taco bell and a quick overnight stop in Delano and then we were off to Yosemite. As we arrived the sky was blue and the sun was shining, honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, big rocky mountains filled with lush green trees with a waterfall or two thrown in for good measure. It’s still classed as winter in Yosemite so a lot of roads were still closed due to snow but we headed to the valley floor where we saw some deer and bobcats doing their thing. We took a hike up to the Upper Yosemite falls just as the weather changed from glorious to grey in about 2 seconds, we got battered by the hail but once we got higher it turned to a light snow (don’t think my body knows where it’s at with all this changing of climate!).


The place we were staying was a hostel just outside the valley, we were in a tent cabin which was essentially a big tent over a shed, no heating so it was a bit chilled! The hostel had loads of facilities, a huge kitchen and dining room and a cafe restaurant. We played a spot of table tennis then got a spot in the bar so we could stay warm for as long as possible. Everyone from the hostel must have been in there, we got chatting to a few people and we even got an offer to stay with a woman in Santa Cruz (thanks Susie). Eventually we had to head back to the tent, it wasn’t too bad in the end, I slept with 6 blankets on so it was quite warm under all of that! In the morning we found a hike from the hostel to a swimming creek, it was a bit too chilly to jump in, but I did manage to drop my phone down the rock so that took a little swim! Thank god it’s a waterproof phone and I’ve got my very own Rob to climb in after it, he only had to go in knee deep so it wasn’t that bad! After a quick clothes change for Rob we left for San Franc, treated ourselves to a pancake at IHOP along the way to celebrate the end of a successful road trip! We’ve just arrived in San Francisco and said goodbye to our car, 1859 miles in total! We’ll have to get used to taking the cable car from here on out!

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