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Los Angeles

We only had one full day in LA so it had to be short and sweet! We stayed in Hollywood so once we’d recovered from the 8 hour bus journey and dumped our bags we had just about enough time to cover the Hollywood Walk of fame. There’s a whole lot of names on the street, but I think we only knew about one in fifty of the names…not the most knowledgeable pair! That took upthe rest of the day though so seeing as we were staying near Thai town it seemed like a good option for tea. Good idea get some practice for when we get to the real deal in a couple of months. Rob tried to order egg fried rice but it got slightly lost in translation and he ended up with a portion of rice with a fried egg on top…God knows what we’ll end up with when we’re ordering tea in China next week!

We had a lot of time to kill on the Monday, our flight to China is at 7am Tuesday so instead of spend money on a hotel we wouldn’t really use we decided we’d just hang out at the airport and wait. That means we were stuck with our heavy backpacks all day. We walked up to Griffith observatory in the morning before we checked out, it gave us a good glimpse of the Hollywood sign and we also saw a pretty big rattle snake on the path on the way up, so it was almost worth dragging our achey marathon legs up the big hill (did I mention we ran a marathon?). Then we gathered our baggage after that and headed in the rough direction of the airport, cut a long story short we spended most of the day sitting in Panera Bread, managed a quick trip down to see Venice Beach and then went back to Panera Bread for tea (pretty much the only place in America that doesn’t rush you out the restaurant as soon as you’re finished). Found a Starbucks to kill a few hours in and then at midnight be slowly made our way to the airport. Only 7 hours early for our flight! Check in isn’t till 4 so plenty of time to reminisce about our awesome month in America…nope, wait Rob’s already asleep.



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