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Our final stop in China is was Guangzhou, it was a bit of an anti climax after all the cool places we’ve seen, as far as we could tell it’s a huge business city filled with grey buildings and greyer skies. Our stay didn’t start too well either as it seemed the Guangzhou bus that we paid for sort of missed Guangzhou and dropped us off about 30 minutes past the city when the bus assistant thought to go round and ask if anyone was going to Guangzhou. Seen as we were we had to get off the bus there and then at the side of the highway and edge our bets on how to find our hotel. We made it eventually and found the hotel in the middle of a busy shopping street tucked just behind a clothes shop. I’d let Rob book this hotel and he found it hilarious that he’d booked us the ‘honeymoon suite’, if that was the honeymoon suite though I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting married in Guangzhou. None of the facilities listed on the booking form where in the room and when Rob questioned reception about them they just laughed and said no rooms had any facilities.
We spent our time mainly shopping and eating with a tad of sightseeing thrown in. Shopping was a terrible experience, every time you went into a clothes shop you were followed by an employee thrusting different clothes in your direction saying buy this, buy this, I didn’t buy anything. Eating was a better experience, food is so cheap here! We found an Italian and had a slap up meal with garlic bread starter and a bottle of wine for £6! We ended up having lunch and tea in there, I’ve missed my pasta this last month!


The city is one of the biggest trade cities in China and when we went looking for a post office to send our package from you could definitely tell! Workers were busy packing products up ready to send, hundreds and hundreds of boxes lined the streets ready for shipping and every man and his dog had a trolley full of something going somewhere. We just had to pack one box to send some presents home in, we bought a box off a bloke on the street and spent a good 20 minutes packing and securing it whilst everyone around us packed about 30 boxes each. Then, when Rob had decided it was safe for sending we went to the postage shop, only for them to tell us they had to inspect the package first and within 2 seconds the box was opened up, it only took them thirty seconds to wrap it back up, I’ve never seen such disappointment in Rob’s eyes.


We spent our final morning strolling around the people’s park, every one we’ve visited is always packed with people from all walks of life. Regardless of the fact thats there’s well over a billion people in China each city, town or village still has a real community feel, I think that’s my favourite thing about China. Honestly seen and learnt so much over the last month, would definitely recommend a visit to everyone as long as your knees can hack the squat drop toilets!



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