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Nha Trang

We have a two week time limit in Vietnam because we were too lazy to get our visas so rather than waste a day travelling the 500km south to Nha Trang we opted for a night bus instead. It was an experience to say the least! The buses have 3 rows of very narrow bunk beds, which are just sort of super reclined chairs. We were lucky enough to be assigned the back row of the bus (cool kids eh) which was 3 chairs together forming a sort of double bed. It gave us a bit more room to spread out but also meant we were at risk of flying out every time the driver took a corner. I’m not sure he was aware he had a bus load of people because he was not afraid of slamming those brakes on, every time we ended up whizzing to the bottom of the bed in a crumpled mess. And then finally just as I was getting some shut eye I felt a tug on my ankle, oh yippee we’d arrived in Nha Trang, and we were 3 hours ahead of schedule! Normally that would be great but when 3 hours early means you’re arriving in a new city at 4am it’s not ideal. We were very very lucky that we found our hotel nearby and thankfully for us the poor receptionist was sleeping in the lobby. I think we were happier to see him than he was to see us but he sleepily managed to find us a room and let us check in 10 hours early, what a legend!


After a quick power nap and a change of clothes it was time to see what Nha Trang has to offer, beaches and lots of Russians by the looks of it! It’s like the Russian version of Costa Del Sol, there’s budgie smugglers and big bellies everywhere! The beaches are lovely though, it felt like we were on a holiday from our holiday. The sea was warm and our tans are well underway now, so all is good! There was also a giant inflatable obstacle course which was fun to watch Rob try and master. My upper body strength is still massively lacking so I was limited to the child friendly obstacles!


We did attempt a run along the beach front early morning but that sun is hot! The views were lovely but after 4 miles they were all the same and we turned round before we melted.
After our bout of exercise we decided we’d earned more relaxation so we headed out of town to the mud baths. Basically we just sat in a tub filled with hot mud for half an hour, something worked in it though because a few hours later all my mosquito bites had disappeared! After we’d been fully cleansed in a mineral bath we hopped back on our scooter and headed to the Ba Ho waterfalls, it was in a really remote area so there was hardly anyone there. Once we’d rock climbed our way to the top we had our very own waterfall and pool to play in!



We spent our final day by the pool complete with swim up bar. We’re both feeling refreshed after doing nothing for the last few days so we’re ready to get back to the culture in Ho Chi Minh City, just got to endure another night bus before we can get there!



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