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We’ve had the best time at the Sihanoukville Fitness Resort, think it was just what our bodies needed after a few months of being neglected! I’ll try not to go on too much because I’m guessing a week of fitness activities won’t make for the most interesting reading…but here are the basics.
The resort was about 5km from Sihanoukville’s beaches, it’s a family business ran by Pierre, his wife Alen, their 8 year old daughter Fiji and 2 giant rottweiler puppies; Brutas and Pablo. There’s a huge crossfit arena complete with climbing nets, ropes and all sorts of scary looking equipment, there’s also an outdoor gym, an indoor boxing ring and an aerobics classroom.
There’s a mixture of bungalows and bedrooms in the main house where up to about 20 people can stay. We were just staying for a week but some people were already a month in!


We arrived at the best time, the start of the weekend! The first day was nice and easy, the Friday morning crossfit class was already underway when we arrived so we got to enjoy watching it whilst supping coffee. In the afternoon sessions I opted for some aerobics with Alen and loads of local Cambodian women whilst Rob got beaten up in Muay Thai boxing. He even got a bruise bless him. Tea time was a family affair with Alen cooking a tasty spag bol for everyone and Fiji, 8 going on 18, entertaining everyone with her extensive knowledge of every video on YouTube.
The next day was an 8am start with Pierre, who is an absolute tank, and his stick class. After an hour of soft gym (a lot harder than it sounds) it was time for personal training in the gym. Two hours of lifting weights and doing squats makes you realise how weak you are! But class was dismissed for the day after that and all the people who’ve worked hard all week can enjoy the weekend without feeling guilty. Seen as we only arrived the day before we had to enjoy our weekend whilst feeling guilty! All the resort members went out for tea on the Saturday night to a place which serves the world’s biggest steaks! One between me and Rob was more than enough to fill us! We headed to the pub with a mancunian couple after that for a few beers (which we defo hadn’t earned) and to watch Man U win the FA cup. Seen as they couldn’t win in 90 minutes we had to stay up till 2:30 with the time difference to watch the result! Late night for us! A night tuk tuk home and straight to bed!


Even at fitness resorts Sundays are days of rest, we had a late start to the day and then over a breakfast chat with the others, realised we desperately needed to sort out our visas for Thailand. Apparently the research I’d done was outdated and if we didn’t get a visa ASAP we’d only have 15 days once we got to Thailand. We managed to find a travel agents in town that would sort it for us but it would be twice the price and they’d need our passports for 4 days, we didn’t have any other options so we handed them over and booked another night at the resort. The afternoon was spent beachside at a pool resort playing with Fiji and trying to relax when possible! Not easy when you’re responsible for a demanding 8 year old! After a few hours the rain rolled in and it didn’t stop all week!


Considering 2 months have gone by since we started travelling and I’ve remained injury free it was probably about time I was due one. Not ideal two weeks before the marathon but on the Sunday night I carelessly stepped on a huge ass piece of glass. Thankfully it didn’t get stuck in but it was pretty deep and it surprised us both with how much blood flew out! Fortunately nurse Rob was on hand so whilst I sat their in a bit of shock he cleaned the place up. He tried to put the bandage on too but his attempt was more painful than the cut itself so I had to intervene. Not a great start to a week of fitness training but although I couldn’t put any weight on my heel I could still join in with most classes. Fingers crossed it’s all healed up for next week or Rob’s running solo!


The rain didn’t let up much for most of the week so each day would follow the same pattern. Three hours of gym and exercises in the morning, a hearty breakfast to follow, lots of chilling out and playing pool (and catching up on game of thrones) and then a few hours of classes in the evening. We ate around the resort most nights but one time we did treat ourselves to a naughty burger with some of the other couples, totally worth it though! Throw in a couple of sports massages (very painful) and you’ve got a complete week at a fitness resort. It may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but we absolutely loved it! It felt like being part of a little fitness family whilst we there, everyone was so lovely and we’ve decided we’ll definitely be going back before we come home!
Now tomorrow we’ve just got to hope our passports are returned, we can make it back to Phnom Penh to collect our lost card and then make the connecting bus to Siem Reap. Hmm, let’s see how that goes.

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