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Siem Reap

Our luck was in for once and everything went smoothly for us! The passports were back complete with Thai visas, we made it to Phnom Penh in 4 hours and managed to get our bank card back and the tour company had moved our bus tickets back a day. Five hours later the bus pulled into Siem Reap, made it.
I already prefer Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, much cleaner, smells better and there’s a friendly feel to the place. We had a day less than we planned due to the visa kerfuffle in Sihanoukville so we had to pack everything in to two days. Day 1 we were still too achey to slog round the temples so we hit the gym at 6am (don’t want to lose dem gains!) and then explored the city. After we found a table tennis place and smashed out a few games we went to the markets, bought far too many clothes, and then found an Angkor Putt mini golf! What could be better than a temple themed mini golf? A temple themed mini golf with a free drink for every hole in one of course! We finished the day with a spot of friendly pool against a couple from America, we won obviously, not that we’re competitive.


Angkor Wat is the largest religious site in the world so everyone who goes to Siem Reap has to visit the temples, to make the most of our 1 day pass an early start was needed. We’d decided to be different and not hire a tuk tuk for the day to drive us round, instead we hired a couple of mountain bikes and set the alarm for 4am! After we’d dragged ourselves out of bed we hit the road, it’s 10km to the nearest temple but we didn’t realise there was a huge detour to get the tickets, almost missed the sunrise but we put the pedal to the metal and we finally parked up in time just as the sun was popping his head out. We were at the big daddy of the temples; Angkor Wat and apparently hundreds of other people had also had the same idea, it was still beautiful though! After an overpriced breakfast we went to explore the temple, it’s falling apart a bit but I think that adds to its charm.


The temples are ridiculously big and spread out over a few miles, all hidden in the Cambodian jungle, as we were cycling to the next temple we found a little gang of monkeys playing in the tree, pretty cool. We took our time mooching round the temples and enjoying the views in between them. They were all so impressive! One of the ones we saw, Ta Promh was the place they filmed Tomb Raider at, the trees and their roots had taken over this temple a bit, sometimes just growing straight through walls, it looked awesome though! By midday we’d managed to see 5 temples and we were all templed out, it was soo hot and we’d already been up and at it for 8 hours so we headed back. We were absolutely shattered after all that culture so we had a lazy afternoon playing pool with the locals and then packed our bags ready to head to Thailand the next day! We’re going to learn how to dive!



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