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Chiang Mai round 2

We didn’t think we’d seen everything Chiang Mai had to offer yet so we booked another 4 nights with Boyd, can’t bear to leave him yet! Lucky for us Kellie had upgraded her hotel so we now had access to a Chiang Mai swimming pool! We made use of the pool for the first day whilst we recovered from a week sat riding a motorbike. Rob did a bit of male grooming getting a hair cut and then his chest waxed! Brave boy didn’t even cry! Then we got ready for the big England v Wales game!


Chiang Mai night markets are amazing, there’s nothing you can’t buy so me and Rob bought a couple of England shirts to get in the spirit of things. Boyd even took Kellie out of town to pick us up some face paints for the occasion and then we were ready! Boyd and a few of his friends came too and we went to his local, we were definitely the only ones in the bar interested in the football but that doesn’t matter when you steal a win in the last few minutes, what a result! Boyd took us over to his new un opened hostel after that so we could carry on the celebrations, what a legend, he even picked up the bar tab!


Our 7am tour to Chiang Rai was the last thing on our mind when we were partying with Boyd but we’d already paid for the trip so at 6:30 we dragged our heavy heads out of bed. I don’t travel well at the best of times but 3 hours along windy roads the night after the England game was never going to be good. I had to stop the bus at one point for some fresh air, that didn’t go down well with a horrible man from New Zealand! He was effing and jeffing about how you shouldn’t go on a tour with other people and how he should have booked a private tour, honestly never seen anything like it, we only stopped the bus for 1 minute! He was a nightmare all day, always making snide comments if anyone was late and at one point actually told us to keep the f**ing noise down when we were chatting on the bus! Literally the rudest person I have ever met. Anyway the tour aside from him was pretty good! We visited the white temple in Chiang Rai then went on to the golden triangle where Laos, Burma and Thailand meet. We got to ride a boat into Burma and then docked up in Laos just as the worst thunderstorm ever hit! Lucky for us, seen as we’d forgotten our waterproofs, there were a group of Laos boys who’d knicked some giant umbrellas and they escorted us up to the markets. All we saw of Laos was a load of knock off clothes and bags but it was nice to say we’ve been! Rob got carried away and bought a ton of football tops for teams he doesn’t even support, typical Rod. It was literally the longest day ever, we only got home at 9pm and it was straight to bed for us. That’s the last time we go out before a full day tour!



Feeling much fresher the next morning me and Kellie were off to a cooking class. Rob didn’t feel like learning (although I wish he would) so he went off fishing instead. The cooking class was awesome, we had a real nice group of people, some for Oz some from America and Lucas from Wales! We went shopping at the market for ingredients and then got to make pad thai, mussamun curry, coconut soup, spring rolls and mango sticky rice! So much food! Not to boast but my dishes tasted amazing and I left the class very happy and very full!



Rob had also had a successful morning, he headed out on his motorbike to a big lake and after a few failed solo attempts enlisted the help of a teacher and managed to catch some pretty chunky catfish!


We had a slightly random evening that night, Lucas from the cooking class invited us to go watch Muay Thai with him so off we went. We met a few people in the taxi over so we settled down to watch the fights with our cocktails from the van outside. It was my first boxing match and it was so intense, they try and kick each other in the head! Half the fighters looked under 15 and they were knocking the crap out of each other!


It was pretty exciting stuff so after the game we decided we’d head to town for a couple of drinks. Tuk tuks are only meant to fit 3 in but one tuk tuk driver told us he’d take all 5, fair enough. We told him we wanted to go for a drink and he said he knew a spot so we all bundled in. This guy was mad!! He drove so fast, took the bends at crazy speeds and braked erratically all the time whilst laughing his head off! Next thing we know he’s been pulled over by the police, has to walk in a straight line and blow in a breathalyser! I don’t know what he was on but apparently it wasn’t alcohol because he was free to go! Back in the tuk tuk he jumped telling us ‘I no drink, I drink you die’ whilst laughing to himself and off we went again. By some small miracle we managed to stay in round the corner and then he pulled up outside the busiest club I’ve seen. Everywhere else in Chiang Mai is chilled and empty but this place was heaving! It was such a good night even if it did end early, in Thailand 12 o clock rolls around and they put the lights on and turn the music off without warning! Good job we’d finished our cocktail bucket. Rob grabbed a kebab and we got a taxi home for 70p, belting!



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