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Bangkok take 2

​So I wasn’t blown away by Bangkok first time around, in fact I thought it was pretty meh. But we’re all about second chances so we booked a few more nights at the hostel to see if Bangkok could wow us!

After a very very muddy cycle back from Ayutthaya our first priority was to fix my phone! We survived the utter chaos of cycling through rush hour traffic and found ourselves back at the mall. Whilst I waited for my phone to be repaired Rob was left to shop on his own…bad idea. Of course Rob decided he absolutely must buy a laptop despite neither of us having any money to spare…there’s logic there somewhere apparently. 

Whilst we still had the bikes we cycled around Bangkok in search of green places, we found a little gem in the form of Lumphini park. The Central Park of Bangkok, it’s set around a lake and bordered by skyscrapers on all sides. Nice to be away from all the crazy roads and the traffic, we could have been in any park in any city as we sat on the bench looking over the lake. That was until we saw a massive dinosaur swimming in it! Okay maybe it was just a lizard but these guys were huge! The whole park was crawling with these monitor lizards, supposedly not harmful but I wouldn’t take my chances! 

I definitely prefered Bangkok on our second visit, it’s less stressful if you’ve got the means to pedal yourself around town, especially when you can hop onto the pavement to skip the traffic. We also took full advantage of the taxi boat and rode from one end to the other, admiring the Bangkok skyline from the river. At the far end of the line we went in search of the Ghost Tower, an unfinished luxury skyscraper that has become abandoned. Unfortunately it’s now boarded off and guarded by homeless guys who charge an extortionate fee to let you in, we walked round the outside, imagined what the view would be like from the top, then left.

No trip to Bangkok would be complete without a visit to the legendary Khoasan road. We went with Emilio who we’d met in our dorm, he thinks scorpions taste like French fries so he insisted we tried one! FYI they don’t. Khoasan is like any other holiday strip full of bars, we had a few drinks, watched some Wimbledon and then avoided all the pingpong show sellers. That’s an experience I’m not sure I need to have. We had post drinks pad thai then got a taxi home for a pound, successful evening all in all. 

On our last day the bus wasn’t until 7pm, we had plans to visit temples but it was hot, so we hung out in the hostel with a few of the other guests and then went mall hopping to enjoy the benefits of ac. Oh and we found a huge tesco and bought some donuts. Bangkok isn’t that bad afterall. Think it needs a bit of time to warm too but if you can avoid the traffic and the buses the potential is there!

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