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PART A in Koh Phangnan 

​Koh Phangnan hosts the infamous full moon party every month, and the half moon party, and the new moon party and the jungle party and basically any other party they can think of! Our visit to the island coincided with the full moon and since that’s what it’s famous for it would have been rude not to check it out whilst we were there. In total we spent 4 days on the island and despite the fact that you’re constantly reminded it’s a party place (neon everywhere) it’s actually a really beautiful island! 

This was our last spot in Thailand before we head to Malaysia so we just wanted some time to chill. It’s a huge island compared to Koh Tao so we hired a scooter so we could whizz around. We had some quality beach time, spent a lot of time driving round appreciating the views and other than that we did a whole lot of nothing. 

Oh and it was our boy Arseney’s 30th birthday so we met with him and Doreen for a meal on the beach with the sun setting in the background. What a place to spend your birthday!

As usual we did lots of eating. I’ve decided I love Thai food but only pad thai, mussamun curry and BBQ satay sticks. Still that’s been enough for 3 meals a day though! We had the nicest curry in the world on top of the island at Petty’s place. It looked a right dive when we got there, no-one was there, there were ants everywhere and all the glasses from last night where still lying about, we were just about to leave when the next door neighbour brought us 2 cans of coke and told us to wait 5 minutes. We waited half an hour, I couldn’t drink the coke because there were no glasses and the can was filthy, but we waited. Anyway it was so worth the wait! The owner was lovely when she arrived, we were apparently there two hours before opening time but her neighbour didn’t know and he’d told us to wait, she still cooked for us and it was hands down the best mussamun I’ve had all trip! Even better than the one I cooked myself!

The rest of the time we couldn’t afford to eat out, everything is 10% more expensive since the brexit vote (thanks guys), so we ate at the local markets. Plenty of tasty pad thai’s and some interesting satay selections…our favourite was the ‘liver bum skin’…delicious! 

The full moon came and went, it landed on a Buddhist holiday which means no booze! But the party was postponed until the following day. We got kitted out in our full moon tops, didn’t fancy ruining any of my own nice clothes and then had a few drinks at the hotel. There were a few party boys from England and the US who were lovely but were definitely going to party harder than us. We met 2 Belgian couples so after a few group drinks we headed to the party with them. 

The beach where we’d had tea a few nights ago was now filled with about 20,000 partiers, and hundreds of stands selling you anything in a bucket! It was a pretty cool atmosphere, everyone is on holiday and super friendly but some people didn’t seem to know their limits! Luckily in the middle of the beach there was a cordoned off sleeping area so people could have a wee rest before getting back on it. We did have a good night but I’m not sure it lived up to all the hype, maybe I didn’t drink enough, or maybe I was just disappointed there wasn’t more fire! We lasted till 3 but we were probably some of the first to leave! The boys from the hostel were just getting in when we woke up…and we slept in late.

All in all a good time in Phangnan, and our last stop in Thailand! The country, the people, the food, everything about this place has been amazing! But it’s time to move on, a quick 10 day visit to Malaysia and then we’re Australia bound! 


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