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Top 10 Thailand experiences

Thailand is going up there as one of my favourite countries, it’s got something for everyone! We’ve done so many amazing things over the last 2 months and I’ve loved every second of it, looking back here are my 10 favourite things we’ve done.

10. Enjoying the sunset with a cold drink
We’ve visited so many beaches over the last couple of months and seen some beautiful sunsets, but you can’t beat finding a quiet beach, taking a couple of beers and floating out into the sunset on a paddleboard. Proper belting.


9. Discovering 7-eleven cheese and ham toasties!
Honestly the best thing since sliced bread and there’s a 7-eleven everywhere so you can never go hungry. They also make the perfect post night out snack and unlike the name suggests 7-eleven is actually open 24/7 result!


8. Cycling through the rural villages outside of Bangkok
I loved getting on a bike and out of the city, it was so quiet once we were away from the city! Everyone along the route was so friendly and generally happy to see us and it was nice to pay local prices at the food stands. No tourist tax!


7.  Riding the Mae Hong Son Loop
A motorbike, a bag and a couple of helmets was all we needed for this adventure, huge sweeping roads with backdrops of the Burmese mountains made for a pretty special trip. We stayed in a new place every night and met some pretty cool people along the way.


6. Learning to scuba dive
When in Koh Tao everyone learns how to dive! Probably the cheapest place to get certified, it’s just an amazing feeling being able to breathe under water. We topped it off by visiting sail rock, the underwater aquarium of the Gulf of Thailand, so many fish!


5. Playing with elephants for the day!
Such amazing creatures, was a pleasure to see them up close and get to feed them and  bathe them. We were sceptical before we went because of stories we’d heard but our tour was amazing, 3 elephants with loads of land to play on and mahuts that attended to them 24/7. And I got a big slobbery elephant kiss 👄


4. Training at a Muay Thai camp for a week.
It’s such a brutal sport to watch but actually practicing it for a week taught me to love it. Everyone there was awesome, it was especially cool to train with Wendy up until her fight, and she kicked ass with the whole team behind her! Oh and they let me fight against Rob in the ring,  I won!


3. Meeting crazy people from all over the world.
Literally met some of the nicest people whilst travelling, it’s so nice to hear their stories and learn about their cultures and countries. We’re sorted with our holidays for the next 10 years now, first stop Israel!


2. Finishing the Phuket Marathon
I wanted to cry for the other 26 miles but the support on the last 0.2 miles and the feeling of crossing the line and finishing another marathon was amazing. Almost half way to collecting all the continents now!


1. Partying with the locals at a monk celebration!
Definitely the highlight of the trip. There’s something so special about being welcomed in by complete strangers. They threw one hell of a party too and made sure we never ran out of beer, whiskey or food!



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