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Moving South – Melacca

Next up a quick 2 night visit to Malacca. Just a few hours South of KL but worlds apart. This town had been colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch and then by us so there was a distinct European feel to it. It’s also a super popular place for Chinese tourists and for Singaporeans escaping from the city for the weekend so although the streets looked quaint and pretty early in the morning they’re soon filled with Chinese tour groups. To capitalise on all these tourists the Melaccans have pimped up their trishaws (a bicycle with a carriage) to be hello kitty themed or play loud western music. Honestly the Chinese tourists loved it! Within 10 seconds of arriving at our hostel the peace was shattered by 5 hello kitty trishaws cycling past playing gangnam style! Oh and at night they all of fairy lights of course so the whole place looks mental!

Like any Asian city worth it’s the penny it had a pretty impressive nightmarket. The Jonker street market was rammed with people selling everything from shower heads to steaming ice cream. It’s always worth trying the different foods they have to offer, a rather suspicious looking blue rice actually turned out to he quite tasty. The mini fried eggs on a stick were also a winner and the coconut ice cream was on point.

In the middle of the market was a huge stage which hosted kareoke one night and then a dancing group of old Chinese women wearing fishnet tights the next night…very bizarre.

To make the most of our short time in Melacca we signed up for a free walking tour of the town. Zamzam our guide took us to all the hotspots so we didn’t have to figure it out for ourselves. We went to the Catholic Church, the Dutch graveyard, the mosque and the Buddhist temple. It’s such a cool place because of all the different cultures. It was nice to go round and know things about the buildings instead of just staring blankly at them for a change!

We spent the rest of the day exploring on our own, the streets are really nice to just roam around. On Tim’s reccomendation we wandered out of the touristy bit and into the local area in search of Pak Putra, the supposed home of the world’s best naan bread! We really need to stop eating Indian food when we leave Malaysia but we couldn’t resist one more! I had Passandra curry (getting more adventurous) and Rob had freshly barbecued tandoori chicken, but it was the naans that completed this meal. They were out of this world, who knew cheese and potato squashed inside a naan bread could be so good, too naughty! I hadn’t put any weight on before we got to Malaysia but I think I’ve put half a stone on since getting here, it’s only been a week!

Our time in Asia is almost over, we’re off to Singapore in the morning where we’ve got one day to cram in as much as possible and then we are Australia bound! I’m not eating rice for the rest of the year!


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