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Welcome to the land down under

First week down under done! Honestly it felt like it took a week just to get here, our 7 hour flight from Singapore didn’t even have TVs in the back of the seats, the horror! But we made it to Sydney, we’re not in Asia anymore! Prices definitely reflect our change of continent, our McDonald’s breakfast (or Maccas in Oz) almost cost us our daily budget! Then we had to pay a tenner to get from one side of  the airport to the other, seriously Sydney? A four hour wait and then we were back on a plane Melbourne bound. Someone hadn’t checked the tickets before he bought them (*ahem Rod*) so we landed in Melbourne’s reject airport, one terminal, one run way and one 50 dollar bus journey out of town. An hour later we made it to the centre of Melbourne, paid a ridiculous amount of money for a sandwich and then jumped on a tram to our hostel. Finally we’ve made it to Melbourne and it’s bloody freezing!

Our first day was spent solely on buying clothes suitable for the weather, arriving in 5 degrees in flip flops and shorts was not fun. Had to stock up on the jumpers and coats but now we’re Melbourne ready! We had a busy week after that. Our hostel was home to another 150 backpackers so they had plenty for us to do during our first week. Wine and cheese one night, a BBQ the next, free pancakes for breakfast and a comedy night just down the road! Unfortunately for us we’d only booked 4 nights and by the time we’d got round to extending our stay our beds were already taken! That meant we had to flat hunt a little sooner than expected, but we viewed a place on the Friday and moved in on the Saturday, things move fast round here! Oh and it’s cheaper than renting a hostel bed, we just have to pay for our own wine and cheese now. Our new house is in St Kilda, 5 minutes from the beach, already got some nice international house mates here and we’ve got friends from the hostel moving in next week, not bad! 

So far I’m loving Melbourne, the city is really cool and you can get everywhere on trams so no minging underground tubes! We even get penguins come and visit the beach each sunset! It’s also a super sporty place and we got to watch our first Aussie rules football game! We watched the mighty St Kilda take on Carlton at the MCG stadium. We didn’t really have a clue what was going on, it’s like a crazy mix of football and rugby but played on a cricket pitch. Someone was drunk when they came up with them rules but it was entertaining to watch! And St Kilda smashed it, go the Saints! 

The best thing about arriving to Oz in the winter means it’s cool enough for us to run again! Hooray! There’s actually loads of green places to run as well! And because we’re in a new continent we need a new marathon to sign up for! The Melbourne marathon is in 10 weeks which gives us just about enough time to get race ready. So far I’ve been on some lovely runs, Albert park has a 5k loop around the lake, the beach has a path that runs all round the coast and the Botanical gardens are, well, big gardens! Let the training begin! 

We’ve enjoyed our first week in Melbourne but to fund our new Australian lifestyle it’s time to get jobs! I’m looking for waitressing or cafe work, I’ve been practicing carrying 3 plates in the house all week so someone please hire me! Rob is looking for somewhere he can put his Vietnamese suit to good use, so fingers crossed. We’ve both had a few interviews so now it’s the waiting game, hopefully we’ll both be fully fledged employees by the next blog!


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