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The Holiday is over! 

​We’ve been in Australia for almost a month but it’s official, we’re both employed and working! It’s definitely a shock to the system but it feels so good to be earning real Ozzie dollar, we can finally afford to buy a beer again! Rob is working back in accounts at a firm in the city, but he gets free burritos and cereal bars so he’s a happy boy and I’m working at a call centre (it bores me to tears but pays very well). At the weekends I’m working at a restaurant serving the brides and grooms of Melbourne, that doesn’t pay well but we do get leftover meals and wedding cake so everyone’s a winner.

Even though we’re back to the grind we’re still in Melbourne so life is still good! And we have friends!  Mike from the Isle of Man and Rach and Steve from Essex have all joined us from the hostel so now we’re one big happy family. Five people means everyone only has to cook one meal a week and then we can have BBQ’s and takeaways at the weekend! Life is good! We’ve also been hitting Gumtree to kit out the new gaff, the boys have picked up a poker set, we’ve all got bikes for the commute to work and we’re on our way to pick up a trampoline! There’s literally nothing you can’t get off Gumtree, I think both my jobs have come from it as well! 

Since my last post we’ve also both had our birthdays! We went out for a nice brekkie for mine and then Rob put his baking skills to use and made me a cake. Unfortunately for me and everyone else who had to eat the cake Rob didn’t read his measurements and we ended up with about 10 times as much flour in it, still it’s the thought that counts! We also went for pizza and comedy in the evening so not a bad way to turn 23 by all accounts! By the time poor Rob’s birthday came along everyone had started work but he did get presents and a cake courtesy of Mike, oh and we almost won the pub quiz, what a present that would have been. 

We also went to a live music night that was being played by none other than Dr Karl Kennedy (Neighbours superstar if you’re unaware). He was super nice but I’m not sure he’d be given too many gigs if he wasn’t famous…

We’re keeping up the running, only 7 weeks till the marathon! Thankfully it’s getting a little bit warmer so no more Arctic conditions to run in. I’ve also found a running club to join so that’s next weeks goal! And now I’m working I can afford new trainers to run in hooray!

But yeah so far everything is smooth sailing in Melbourne, it’s an awesome city, we’ve got a house and we’ve got some pretty cool housemates. Bring on the next few months! 


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