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Living in the most liveable city

We’re back online! Had a quiet few months on the blog front whilst we’ve been saving some dollar but our time in Melbourne is finally up and we’re ready to hit the road again. It’s absolutely flown by, hard work this working full time malarkey. I did plan to update the blog a few times during our time here but times have been busy! Four months is a bit too much to write about now and I can’t remember half the stuff we’ve done now either so I’m just going to throw some of our pictures up and write about anything I remember.


Bit of filler information about our last 4 months though first. Rob stuck it out with the cushiest company ever, free food every day and office beers on Friday, not sure how much work he actually did but at least it paid the bills. I worked for Australia post, turns out Australians send a lot of packages and when they get lost they get mad. Also Australia is a big place, like a really big place so delivering letters can take time, patience people. Anyway I’ve gained a lot of respect for Royal mail whilst working here, so up the posties! We stayed living in St Kilda for the whole time, weather never did get good enough to make use of the beach at the end of the road and the house was a bit of a dive but we did end up with a good bunch of people. In fact thanks to Vale Street we’ve grown an 8 man crew to take to Sydney with us! Just about worth hacking the living conditions for!


Melbourne has been a lot of fun, wouldn’t recommend it for the weather (very British) but it’s been a cool place and we’ve had some good times. Here’s some of the highlights:


Family fued filming
Welcoming home the Olympians!
The Melbourne Show


Day trip to 1000 steps & morning billy
Cycles along the coastline


Weekend Road Trip along the Great Ocean Road!


Finished the Melbourne Marathon!


Day trip to the Morningotn Peninsula
Strawberry picking
Oktoberfest at Birrarung Mar Park
Melbourne Cup day
Work Christmas party
Weekend getaway in the Grampians, saw our first kangaroo!


Family Christmas meal at Sails on the Bay

Melbourne it’s been a blast!

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